Ordering Info


Pricing is determined on a cake-by-cake basis, by the complexity of the design, size and/or quantity. Once you have selected a cake design and determined the number of guests, I will provide you with a set price.

Things I need to know
-the date and time of your event.
-the numbers of guests you will need to feed.
-Your cake design ideas. The more specific, the better.
-your choice of cake flavor.
-your phone number / e-mail address.

Dietary Restrictions
Please let me know of any dietary restrictions. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free and egg free can be requested however this may limit the decorating and/or flavour choice of cakes.

Placing your order
Specialty cakes require longer design time than any other cakes. I normally require between 1- 4 weeks notice when placing an order and additional notice during very busy periods. The number of cake orders taken is limited so that I can insure time and attention to detail is given to each cake I create. Please do not leave your cake order for the last minute, for your piece of mind, we advise you place your order as early as possible. Short notices can be catered for in some cases, please contact me for availability.

Design appointment
Design appointments are  available. I am however more than happy to assist you with your cake design, via email or phone in a very accurate and time efficient manner. You can email me samples of cakes you may like, your invitation, colour theme and any other ideas you may want to incorporate into your design and I will design the perfect cake to compliment your occasion.  

You will need to consider the number of guests you will be catering for. The size of your cake will depend on the amount and size (coffee or dessert) of serves required. You will need three times more cake if you will be serving dessert pieces. See the serving guide for details on servings and cake sizes. Please be aware that on some cake designs, increasing the cake size can spoil its elegance by making it look quite cumbersome. In this case the best alternative is to keep the original cake size and supplement with an extra kitchen cake covered with the same colour icing. Your guests will not be able to tell the difference since this cake will be cut inside the kitchen

Once the design of your cake has been agreed to, you will need to place a 50% deposit to secure your position. The remaining 50% will need to be paid at least 7 days prior pick up/delivery. In case of a short notice order (up to 14 days prior to the event) a non refundable 80% deposit will need to be placed with the remaining 20% to be paid at least 3 days prior to pick up/delivery.

If you decide to cancel your order, your deposit will only be fully refunded if cancellation is made within 14 days from the date the order was placed. After this time the deposit will not be refunded. For short notice orders (up to 14 days prior to event) the deposit is non refundable in case of cancellation.

Delivery only for Hamilton & Surrounding Area

Specialty cakes can be heavy and due to their design require extra care when being delivered, therefore delivery is highly advisable, for the fact that the your specialty cake is guaranteed to be delivered in perfect order.  Delivery fee will added to your order


Please note that some large multi-tired designs and cupcake towers require set-up upon delivery and can not be set-up prior. We take the right precautions and set-up these type of cakes upon delivery. Please note that no responsibility will be accepted for the 'safe delivery' of these cakes if pick-up is insisted upon.

Cupcake Towers
Special care is required with all wedding cake stands and cupcake towers as they are fragile. A refundable deposit  for the price value of the cake stands or towers  will be required and will be refunded upon its return. If prefered a tower made of cake boards can be constructed at your venue for a small fee, this eliminates the possible inconvienence of returning the cupcake tower and eliminates the deposit.


Serving information
For your reference in regards for the approximate amount of serves per cake size, we have prepared the table below:
8" x 11"     Serving 15 people
13" x 9"         "        25     "
 16" x11"       "        35      "
13" x 18"      "        50-60  "
 16" x 22"     "        70-80  "

  Cake  size                Serving size     
      6                                      10
      7                                      14
      8                                      19
      9                                      23
     10                                     29
     11                                     36
     12                                     40
     13                                     48
     14                                     57
     15                                     67
     16                                     77
 Dessert size portions are